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Whoa.... you guys on this forum scare me.

When friends ask me about my old airhead I keep working on, I tell them it's more like working on tractors (which they know about, and I don't know squat about), and it's not rocket science.

I say so because in the late 60's early 70's I worked in my dad's garage as a grease monkey along side some actual out of work rocket scientists on the Space Coast in Florida. They worked there just to put food on the table until things turned around in the space program. They actually BUILT the beer cans they shot off into the sky. As one of my surfing buddies once remarked, "These dudes know some far out stuff, man!"

I was in awe with the knowledge that kind of floated around the shop. I'm impressed with the knowledge floating around this forum.

I say "scare" in a nice way.
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