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Originally Posted by JagLite View Post
Like everything, the less you know about it, the easier it seems it will be.
You certainly make it all look easy! Very nicely done, and a great write-up, too.

+1 on West System epoxy. IIRC, it is one of two brands of epoxy that have pumps that you can use to meter the two components, which is a lot simpler than trying to weigh out precise measurements like you need to do with most other brands While sensitivity to both resins and glass dust varies with individuals, I've never really minded working with it. Even better, I've always thought the material itself was pretty straightforward to work with, at least in my (limited) experience. Unlike metal work, for example, if you mess up with fiberglass, it's pretty simple to sand it down and try again (especially if you are building up over foam plugs or molds, as they can be sanded down and reworked, too).

Regardless, I really like the engine protectors on your build. I had never thought of doing anything like that. Out of curiosity, how well do you think they will hold up to the heat of the running engine? I was under the impression that room temperature cure epoxies/polyesters/vinylesters weren't particularly tolerant of high temps, and while that part of the engine should be much cooler than the exhaust manifold or cylinder heads, I would still think it might get hot enough to at least soften the epoxy some.
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