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Wicked KTM SXC 625 - tank swap - Someone know the correct parts?

Ok... Trying to get some extra distance out of the SXC and well, it's not working out quite right....

Here's my unfortunate situation:

The Parts:
2004 KTM SXC 625

bought a Duke II 11L tank

Bought a KTM Enduro LC4 seat with a XPC rework.

My research tells me that the 11L and 18L tank use the same seat.

Further, single pipe SXC(2003-2004)/SMC(prior to 2006) and basically all the LC4 640 Enduros share a subframe which work with the same seat

And one of the models that work are:

P/N 5840714040 /58407140500 which is superseded by P/N 58407140030 (explicitly calls 18L on seat)
The situation:

Tank mounts wonderfully.

This seat is not looking quite right. It seems to pivot on the mounts and needs to be flexed a lot more than it should to mount to the tank and the subframe.

Actually, the subframe doesn't seem to hold the seat particularly well. There are gaps. Once I put the tank on, I can get it on but I'm bending the tank, have gaps and is generally yucky - all of which tells me something's wrong.

Here are the pics:

Subframe and seat mounting:

The seat unmounted:

Mounted without Tank:

Here are the gaps once the tank is installed:

Researched quite a bit before buying so I'm a little surprise...I accept that what I have may not work, but I'm torn between trying to getting it right (at a cost) vs. selling it off and living with the low range. I actually like the stock SXC ergos incl. the seat so no big loss other than fuel capacity.

What do you all think?
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