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Originally Posted by Rinty View Post
A couple of years ago, Excellence magazine did a feature on a 3.2 Carrera with a half million miles on it. When its engine was disassembled, all wear items were found to be within allowable Porsche limits, so it was cleaned and reassembled. It had been owned by a San Diego dentist.

RichardEW on the Rennlist has a 993 that has accumulated just under 300,000 miles. His engine is original.

It seems though, that when you look at high mileage cars, they almost always belong to people who use them on long, regular, driving cycles.
The reason it is surprising to me is in reference to the inherent issues with the '75 - '77 2.7 Liter cars (That is what that copper colored car appears to be ).

Rather than list them all here is a link from the PCA detailing the numerous issues ( read to the right of the green Targa) ;

That doesn't mean that it is impossible that one of those cars went 500,000 miles with no issues - but it would be very surprising.

That also does not mean they are not good cars - once the many issues are sorted out they are rather nice - a friend here has a '77S Targa that has been running flawlessly for almost 15 years - since he took the engine apart and addressed all the potential issues.
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