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I have an idea. Transmitting the force of an impact to the frame is not necessarily the goal here, it's simply to reduce impact onto the oil pan. Even with the bash plate mounted an inch away from the pan, that may make it even more susceptible to impact damage when the aluminum bash plate, with no cross grain support like it had with the oil pan, will be more likely to crack instead of bend and force jagged edges into the pan. I don't think we would need to connect to the frame to deflect damage better. Perhaps if one were to cut out the proper size of plate, rough up the inside surface of the new plate and the pan's existing bash plate with 50 grit, position the new plate about a 1/2 - 1" away from the pan, then fill the space with soft polyurethane. You could drill holes and insert a tube/pipe to make cutouts for pan bolt access. Impact absorption would be excellent I'd imagine, much better than a plate with nothing but air behind it. What do you think?
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