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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
happened to see X games on TV tonight in Brazil and good old Josh Hansen is in it. The event was step up which was like a pole vault and a bar to clear.

after his 2 turns at that particular height he rode around the perimeter of the little event field waving to his adoring Brazilian fans. He then rode back across the area where the starting gate was and Ronnie Renner was in it ready to go. Renner didn't appreciate it and took a swing at Hansen. It appeared the slight was, your turn is done stay out of my psace while I'm getting ready. After Renners turn, he only needed one as he cleared it he rode over to where the other riders were sitting on their bikes and rammed/Tboned right into Hansens bike and a discussion ensued.

Every time I see Josh Hansen in action I like his father less for not denouncing the jerk...

at the end when the camera was in his face he thanked mom, dad, and JLaw.

I knew him when he was 16 years old, living in Colo with his dad and step mom and was a good kid then, I don't know what turned him in to a POS
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