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check this out ... $2000 for a Porsche LiFePO4 battery

interesting ... Porsche's LiFePO4 spec's ... 12.8v 18AH 480CCA ... 12" Long, 6 3/4" Wide, 4 1/2" Tall .. Weighs just under 12 pounds according to retailer optional battery for 911 GT3 and the Boxster Spyder.

this is the first OEM that I'm aware of that has offered a LiFePO4 battery as a factory supplied option. even if it's for exotic Porsche models.

Does anyone know of any other mfg that's offered an LiFePo4 battery as origin equipment?

it's important to point out, despite the $2,000+ selling price. Porsche has decided to use actual amp hour ratings. not the PB/EQ rating that can lead to installing wrong size LiFePO4 batteries. which then results in failed LiFePO4 at the first sign of cold weather and unhappy customers.


"The lightweight battery offers a very high standard of everyday driving qualities but its starting capacity is limited at temperatures below 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C, due to its specific features.

With its nominal capacity of 18 Ah, the lithium-ion battery offers a level of practical output and performance not only comparable to that of a 60 Ah lead battery, but better in many cases. As with all Porsche batteries, a genuine Porsche Battery Maintainer is recommended for vehicles which are stored for over two weeks. ~

The lithium-ion battery being introduced by Porsche as the pioneer in this area is made up of wound film of carbon and iron phosphate with a ceramic film moisturized by the electrolyte that serves as a separating layer in between. Compared with other types of lithium-ion batteries that use a combination of manganese oxide, cobalt oxide or nickel, this lithium-iron-phosphate battery, as it is called, offers advantages when used as a starter battery. It is robust and consistently guarantees the usual voltage of 12 V for the car's on-board network.

The lightweight battery is made up of four cells and integrated electronic controls. This battery management system protects the battery from major discharges and guarantees a consistent charge level within the individual cells. Once battery voltage drops below a certain threshold, a warning signal reminds the driver to re-charge the battery either simply by driving the car or by means of a conventional battery charger."


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