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Originally Posted by kindofblue View Post

Sandia BMW, our local dealer, installs an SAE battery tender plug directly to the battery and one can use that for heated gear with the correct adapter. Battery tender fuses are usually 15 amps or 180 watts.
Battery tender cables tend to be rated for a max of 2 amps... or less given that some tenders max out at about 3/4 of an amp. A Battery Tender Plus, for example, is rated for 12v at 1.25 amps. You do not want to pull 6-10 amps through such a cable unless you like melted plastic and the chance of fire under you ass.

Just saying that not all cables with terminals at one end and an SAE connector at the other with a fuse somewhere in line are equal. It may look like a battery tender cable, but it's not.
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