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Originally Posted by Aanarchy View Post
I've been intrigued by Trials, and would love to find an inexpensive bike to play on. Waddya think about this one? It's just up the road from me.

I'm a little concerned that he says "Fair Condition".
Although considered heavy by modern bike standards, for most riders the Beta Techno developed by Dougie Lampkin is still very capable. Beta had converted to the aluminium engine cases in the Techno to eliminate the corrosion issue with the older magnesium cases. Unfortunately the USD forks were still prone to leaks and the rear brakes were considered weak. Parts for the Techno are more difficult to find in the US. Manufacturers (Beta) are only required to maintain parts support for 10-years.

Originally Posted by ADVCoop View Post
Looks to be in good condition to me. Maybe the engine or clutch are rough? I would ask why he said fair condition. I paid $400 for a 1992 Gas Gas and needed a bunch of work.
Your 1992 GT25 CONTACT is a classic. If you have the GT25T (Jordi Tarres Replica) it introduced case-reed-induction, a hydraulic clutch (a first for off-road bikes) and has all the bits of a modern design: hydraulic clutch, cartridge fork, disc brakes, liquid-cooling to suit the more acrobatic techniques (nose wheelies, flip turns) that evolved in trials. The design continued all the way to the 2003 TXT "Edition" before being replaced by the 2002 'Pro' which focused on a 20% weight reduction. The modern lightweight trials bike suits techniques that developed from Bike Trials - (Hopping from obstacle to obstacle, and on the rear wheel).

I threw a leg over Adrian Lewis (LewisportUSA) Ossa 280i on Thursday. Adrian had lightened his Ossa even more with some trick bits, and increased the power with new ECU mapping. OMG! It had incredible suspension as felt even lighter than my daughters Pro with a S3 225cc Hi-compression kit.

Today's lightweights are way beyond my capability. I just putt around on my big-bore 327cc JT35 (Jon Stoodley built for Stevie Yarrow for the World Trials Championships). It has way enough power for me... the 338cc long-stroke JTR-370 was just excessive. The Europeans didn't buy into this more is better, and most of the big-bores were sold to the US market.

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