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Originally Posted by YZman View Post
Wow just finished reading thru your entire thread and love it. I've been stuck in my basement for 3 days on and off manning a wet/dry vac to keep my house from flooding and your story has kept me going thru some long dark nights. Thanks for that. Cant wait to see how it plays out.
Glad I could help, thanks for your kind comments.

Well, the time has come to pretty much get this dog and pony show on the road!

I have been finishing up a lot of the little things and spending a lot of time making sure the logistics for the trip are in order. There has been one major change in plans since David said he was going to go. I wanted to bring some more parts...a spare motor in, so I was not going to have enough room in the Subaru to bring it. Allan said he had no room to spare in his rig (Luke's chase truck), so I am going to just tow the car down to San Diego on Ray's not so beautiful, but fully functional, trailer.

This will allow for me and Cory to ride down in comfort in the Sprinter and bring down a lot more spares. In San Diego, we will cull the parts a bit more and put what we want in our chase truck belonging to Ted "The Dude". The Dude is going to be basically my Bivouac support so it will be my job to get the car in every night so David and Ted can work on it if needed. It should also be noted that Ted will be towing a small fishing boat behind him as our return plan is to take a week and fish the whole way home!

For the last two years, we basically brought down a spare motorcycle in two bins for the Honda..and we didn't use much of anything other than some consumables. Its the old adage: "If you have it, you'll never need it." We will be driving the car from Ted's house to Mexicali. The trailer and Sprinter will stay in the states.

David is bringing parts down this morning for us to load in the van. Cory is coming down this afternoon and will be helping with the final push for the car to be race ready and then loaded up on the trailer!

First thing on Monday, we leave. The plan is to meet up with Luke on I-5 and caravan south. I had hoped to see some friends in the Santa Barbara area but now the plan is to get to the Dude's compound asap so Luke and I can finish up the little nagging things at Ted's well equipped shop. I will also be stopping at General Tire's headquarters to pick up some tires I was able to score with a racer's discount.

The plan is we will have two days to futz with the bike and car and then on Friday pick up our remaining team members at the airport including my beautiful navigator, my wife Laura. On Saturday morning, we cross the border in Mexicali and head to tech inspection!

Our Steeekers showed up and our Sponsor Tillamook Country Smoker came through again with some tasty treats to hand out to kids with our stickers!! This year we will be showing the children of Baja how to get their Redneck on through cans of Beef Jerky Chew! Thanks Bob and Dick from the Smoker!!

One of our great sponsors and OSR team member, Tim from Prevailing Communications, also finished up some wiring on the race car, including the siren/air horn and some additional 12v outlets for GPS and other electronics. He also brought out the mobile race radio for Luke's chase truck. Thanks Tim!!

Last night, while watching Sons of Anarchy, Laura and I donned our racing suits, helmets and neck support as part of our rigorous training regimen...of course the adult beverages were for scale only (although the two cup holders are fully functional in the Subaru).

I'll post up some pictures when I can. I'll also post a link to our spot page soon and you can follow along with us if you want.
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