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Looking sexy Solo,
how do you like the gaiters? Do you feel you have enough room to compress them- mine feel like they will limit suspension travel- but then I can't slide them down the fork legs due to my fork brace.
Ras and Waco,
here is Solo's buried post dealing with the fork shortening,
and a brief one by me after,
yes they are shortened- very simple to do.

Originally Posted by SOLO LOBO View Post
OK, Let's get busy with the fork strip... this is all done following the instructions from the Husaberg WP Extreme manual linked on the first page.

Remove the top:

Here are the innards, the black plastic tube is a 3.5" spacer that I will be removing from the comp side, and replacing with a different spacer on the rebound side to limit the fully extended length. This will be a temporary measure to make the forks similar in length to the stop forks until I extend the swing arm and go back to full length. I haven't made any calculation and haven't planned on changing the springs and valving... I will only be shortening the length to do some testing.

And the correct order and orientation of those bits:

610 mL's drained from the tube:

Oops, the lower washer that is below the spring fell out while draining the forks the manual is very specific that the orientation of this washer should be carefully noted!

So here are all the bits:

Next, remove the lower bolt to release the damper. I used the axle to hold the leg while removing the bolt.

Extract the damper mechanism

See that aluminum wheel at the top? It has to be unthreaded to allow access to the return spring where the new extension limiting spacer is going to go... the manual shows this fancy tool that I don't have and am not going to buy.

The first attempt to make a adjustable pin spanner involved an old crescent wrench and two drill bits, stolen from last month's Classic Bike magazine:

After dulling and sharpening a number of bits, a number of times and not making any headway (use, I used copious oil to cool the bit) I changed it up and used an old rear shock spanner

That quickly bent

I didn't want to clamp the tube in the vice, so here is what I did, I ended up using another c-clamp on the other end of the screwdriver with a small block of wood to hold everything in place

Version three... another shock spanner, but twice as thick as the version 2 version

That with some heat did the trick! The spacer is going to go below that spring and will reduce to total length the forks can extend to.

So, now I need two sections of tube that have an OD less than 21mm (edit - 20.0mm to 20.3mm fits well, closer to 21mm does not) and an ID larger than 12mm. The closest thing I could find at the local hardware store is 1/2" schedule 40 pipe. It is a starting ID of ~15.3mm and an OD of ~21.4mm

Now, I am trying to figure out the easiest way to turn down the OD of the schd 40 to 21mm without a lathe.... more later need to eat some lunch.

Originally Posted by ontic View Post

First I set about shortening my forks.
Nothing new to show here that Solo hasn't already. Thanks to his write up and PM's it was pretty easy. I have shortened them by the full length of that black spacer. I'm not sure if this is exactly spot on for G/S measurements, but it feels pretty close.

here are the 'special tools' I improvised.
Protaper bar risers with two layers of leather around the cartridge tubes and clamped in the woodworking vice.

worked great.

next, that damn triple pin thing- I just found some rollers from an old needle bearing from my 4x4 that fitted perfectly and then a couple of vice grips and some heat applied around the thread, and it turned and cracked the the thread easily enough.

Some time soon I'll have to go to the trouble to actually make that special tool- I just didn't have the patience tonight (as it is going to have to be a pretty good fit to work well). At the least, next time I'll find my other set of vice grips so that I can use three pins instead of two.

Not much different here to Solo aside from the colour of the PVC pipe I used for my new spacers. Well, they are KTM forks aren't they
As you can see, new spacer same length as the black spacer that is being removed.

Did both forks, put it all back together, and we now have a much shorter front end- suddenly the side and center stands work again.
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