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Wicked MC tire Changer

I've used one of theirs for many years. This is a basic tire changer made for motorcycle's by motorcycle riders. This has all the features you might need and the price if pretty good. A lot of clubs get together and buy one as a group item.

I now own a small "ranger style" car tire changer that came with the motorcycle attachments. It was made in China and as arrived it was a POS have a friend who's a machinist and we redesigned or fixed all the issues. If I had to pay someone the cost would have been more than the changer was worth. Many is the time I wish I still had the "no mar" manual changer.

If you wish to go into a semi-auto type changer go on-line and see what greg smith has to offer. The sell a lot of bottom end made in China item but they back products and have some quality control checks which insure you don't get total crap. The changer's they sell look just like the one I purchased but they work out of the box which is more than mine did.
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