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Thanks for your concern for my well being, & the positive input
" the refubisjed parts are really sanitary "

I'd like to say thanks for some of the idea's I've gleaned from this & other sites. I was putting on my sprocket today & greased the splines, a trick I learned from the guys on the xr650l thread. It is really nice to be able to share idea's & technique's , as everybody has their own way of doing things.

I believe it's a Ben Franklin saying I'm gonna slaughter here but it goes something like "No matter a mans social standing, walk of life, or intelligence there's always something to be learned from him." I know some of the best lessons I've learned have been from people of diminished capacities.

I hope in taking the time to post this up I can return some of the positive energy I've received from others who've done the same & helped me by sharing what they've learned .

This pic kinda illustrates an idea I stole / improved on from E-Gorr. The crankcase vent on these motors comes out from the powervalve area & is the vent for the entire motor. He recommends just plugging it off. I know on a v-8 if you plug it all off it will blow seals & gaskets so I assume the same would hold true for a dirt bike engine. If I hadnt read his page on how that vent will suck a bit of dirt into the motor I would have just run it straight down like the factory did & suck up trail dust, with the cheap 3/8 fuel filter it can breathe fresh clean air

I used some aluminum duct tape under the tank as a heat shield where the exhaust runs by. I hope it sticks as nice when the fuel is in there. I might oughta put a bunch of pin holes in it so it can breathe, like they do on tank stickers.

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