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Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
Well, I went by the dealer today and they replaced the turn signal stalks per the TSB. In and out within an hour, and most of that I was having lunch next door, so no sweat. Left thinking I wouldn't need to be back in while.

Not so fast! On my way home tonight I stop to fill up the bike. I go to put the nozzle in the tank, and as I'm struggling with the stupid corrugated nozzle condom, I hear a pop and the nozzle drops about an inch...

Managed to fish out a small red plastic cap(?) that was sitting on the edge of the lip, but not really sure what to do with the rest of the assembly that's now down in the tank. There's some wire in there (blue wire on the left as visible in the pic), which I'm guessing is part of the fuel gauge? Whatever it is, I have my doubts it's now working properly...
Same thing happened to me. The dealer said they've never seen it before, so they contacted Triumph NA. Supposedly, they told the dealer they'd never heard of such a thing. Whatever. The dealer replaced mine under warranty, after I got a little attitude about not needing the part anyway. Of course, with no talk about the parts inside the tank looking to get sucked into the fuel pump inlet.

There is more to the story about the dealer, which is proving to be a bunch of Ass clowns!!!!
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