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My experience with windscreen protection started when I bought my 2000 RT a couple of years ago. At that time it had an Aeroflow screen on it which did a good job of protection all the way around. I did a 2500 mi. trip that summer and had no complaints. A couple of months later I noticed a crack between the mounting fasteners, aka replacement time. I put a stock shield on it and experienced the same thing you have. I'm 6'3 and a 34" inseam and with the stock shield on it I couldn't find a position that either provided adequate protection or eliminated the helmet buffeting. I ended up with a Cee Baileys, euro cut, 2 1/2" taller shield. I just finished a 3000 mi. trip last week and am overall happy with it. Only nick is the protection doesn't completely cover my shoulders, noticed one morning when the temp was hovering asround freezing. The Cee Bailey is made of a thicker material and shouild be more durable, it also gives me that cone of silence that I really appreciate during those 10 and 12 hour days on the road.

Good luck
I had the same set up. Stock first, followed by an Aeroflow, a Cee Bailey Eurocut and now a Cee Bailey #3. The #3 gives me the perfecdt wind protection and bubble of silence that I want. I leave it on year round and ride from freezing temps all the way up to africa hot with no problems. I cut out the top of my #3 to match the upper contour of my Eurocut shield and I like that set up quite a bit. It works great!
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