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Can anyone elaborate a bit more specifically about the difference between the 465 and early 490 kickstart shaft that is prone to failure and the later 490 shaft that is an improved design? Even better might be some pictures comparing the two types.
As you can see from my above photos, my cases were totally wrecked due to a kicker problem. However, the kicker shaft that came out of the motor looks brand new. There is no indication of damage to the stopper tab at all.
I'd like to determine if perhaps the old shaft broke and caused all the damage and was then replaced, maybe with the improved part if I'm lucky. Or maybe my engine just had a different type of failure. I'm assuming that since I have the engine apart I should make sure that I have the improved kicker shaft to avoid any future problems. Any insight would be appreciated. I have big plans for this machine.
It's not the shaft that fails.It is the spring.The outer sidecase wears out and the gear is allowed to move too far on the shaft which shears the spring where it goes into the shaft.the sheared piece typically gets lodged between case and shaft pushing the back out of the case.I was able to bring mine back to spec with a shim against the worn out side case and a brass bushing inserted from the inside into the center case after some machining and tig welding. I had access to that stuff so it was the cheaper way for me to go.If you don't fix it right you will keep on breaking kickstarter return springs.Knowing the proper starting technique will save a lot of wear and tear on this area and you.I got where I always had the bike running in 3 kicks or less.
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