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I bought mine when they first came out (2002?2003?) and had it for about a year. But, as Jerry says, it wasn't up to steep grades and I live right in the middle of a mountain range.

One day I came out of the library and a shy, reclusive woman who I'd seen now and then was staring at it. "It's so beautiful," she said. Later I learned she had bought a new Vino and it was stationed in her living room. She hadn't yet ridden it. I couple of years ago I saw her (as I said, she was seldom seen) and asked how she liked riding it. "Oh, I've never ridden it," she said.

I'm going to see if she still has it. Maybe buy it. However, she might consider it an object of art and a permanent living room fixture and refuse to part with it.

Strange. But I keep mine in what used to be my living room, along with my Zuma 125, Genuine Stella, and Puch moped. Since I live alone now, I didn't see any use for a living room anymore, so I converted it to my scooter room. My youngest daughter comes over once in a while, she has her own room, and does not care about the scooters in the living room. But I ride mine.
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