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Took your guys advice and started looking into suspension, :) Found a place near home that this fall after a thorough beating and shake down that I could send my stock forks and shock to to have them revalved/reworked!

It's pricey, but will bring the stock up to 'S' standards. I think I may have a project (code named "Project Dakar Redux") that I may donate the forks out of the 990 to with a set of triple trees from Emig Racing to convert the front end of the Dakar into a KTM forked front end... Trying to convince my buddy that is buying the Dakar that it's really a great idea and he should do it, lol!!! That would also leave my trees open for some longer forks... 210mm stock is short stroke and even the 'S' with 245 or 265 is still not 300mm,

That will be a late this year or next year project. I don't want to waste this summers days off only working on the bike and after a season riding it I will know if it's a must-have for me anyway. Sounds like it might be after reading some more on these boards and the issues guys have been having with stock spring rates and valving for riding more than smooth gravel roads.

AND... The Renazco seat is probably the solution I'm thinking is best for foot peg height issues. I can't lower them easily so best thing is raise my butt!

This makes me smile, but miss home...

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