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Again I woke up shivering. Somehow the AC had been programmed to shut off somewhere in the night. Luckily I could fix this.

The next morning I went to the port. I was a bit later as somewhere I had lost an hour. Morocco is on GMT time and Mellila probably on GMT+1? I don't know. So I bought the ticket and rushed to queue up for bordering, only that there was no queue. It turned out that the daylight ferry is mostly semi trailers (no tractors) and other than that there were only 3 cars and my bike. That also meant it was very quiet on the ferry and I could sleep a lot.
Before I could enter, I was introduced to a dog who sniffed arond my bike. Actually I was a bit nervous about that. I remembered that I had told people in Midelt (where the streets smelled like weed) I would take the ferry, just before leaving the bike with them for the night. Rumors say that they like to hide their stuff on your vehicle, so their friends in Spain could find it, once you've smuggled it across the border. Well, it all went fine.

I texted Hana and arranged with her that I could drop the bike the next morning and she would drive me to the airport. Then I checked into a Ibis hotel to sleep. I felt feverish, the cold night had taken their toll.

At the airport I found out that the flight which had yesterday been listed for 300 EUR was now 1500EUR and I would have to wait 4 more days unless I wanted to pay that. So I decided to just rent the cheapest car I could find and do some sightseeing in Andalusia instead. Hertz upgraded me to a Volvo C30 which was actually quite nice to drive. I love driving small hatchbacks, only the front wheel drive isn't my thing.

Heading out of town I realizied that this was leading nowhere in my condition. So I went back to the Ibis hotel and checked back in. The next days I spent in my bed or on the toilet. I lost more fluids on the latter than I could drink and started feeling the consequences. So I went to a pharmacy and a supermarked to stock up on medicine and drinks. I would have to go to the hosital and get an infusion if I couldn't get my water balance right.

While laying in bed I got a phone call from my boss, asking if I could do a trip back to KSA the next week, they had a little problem there. I explained my condition and told him, it would need more than 'a little problem' to convince me on a trip to Arabia the week before Christmas: You never know when you'll be back. Even better, my visa had expired and there was no way to get a new one in time.

Anyway, I spend some days in that hotel and flew home where I was ordered by my physician to stay in bed for another week. Good thing that I had declined the KSA trip ...

End of part 1.
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