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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Holy crap Ara!!!! You are one tough dude!!! I had a woman fall in a msf class yesterday. She was nauseous and moaning. Turns out she has a hairline fracture in her ankle . Woman could even speak!!!! I should've shown her the shot of your ankle!!. Maybe we wouldn't have had to carry her. Man, way to go on recovery!!! Glad your back on your bike, how's your daughter doing?

Thanks, Jena. How we recover from most broken bone injuries is alot in the mind also...yes we have to rest it and let it heal, but I think to stay laid up in bed for weeks and weeks will only prolong the recovery and rehab after the healing. And as long as the inury is being treated by a good doctor, and they are aware of exactly all and how the inury is being exercised, there is no reason why recovery and rehad can't begin the day after the surgery. I was on my rowing maching the day after the surgery and was eating all the brocoli, spinach, and yogart I could stuff in my wife could't keep up steaming all the vegatables for the first few weeks when the bone needed all the right nutrients to heal . But she is a trooper and a great wife so I am lucky.

My daughter's recovery from her consussion is finally over...she is also back to full activities...she get an occasional headache but nothing that requires the prescption medication she was on for 2 months after the ski crash.

How is your concussion? Are you back to full activity?
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