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Great read! Thailand is high up on my 'to do' list, should have already been there years ago. In retrospect, would you recommend the rental company in Bangkok?

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As my thumbs tapped across the screens between gulps of water, the wind died down, the sands settled, and for the first time I could see the plain around me. A blue-grey martian landscape cast long, low shadows in the moonlight, the vague silhouettes of the Atlas mountains far to the north, and to the south....a single, faint point of light. Exhaustion evaporated. Thumbs danced across glowing screens as heavy eyes squinted. Sands swelled and sunk as tired arms heaved. A cough became a roar, and with a fountain of orange grit, I pointed south to the string of numbers I now knew as Kasbah Yasmina.
Interesting to read this. It seems we'd been in the same area at night on the way to the Yasmina kasbah, only that we had good weather and a gps map with most of the tracks. Much easier, once you've found a track to follow.

Get well soon!
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