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...and you klicked it
I "clicked it & "I'm long time married & I call them "ride partners" if there hasn't been time to make friends yet.
As a frame of reference, CA is a more expensive place to doa MC than some other states but that is where your going to fly perhaps? Consider flying where the MC will be purchased & the ride involved will be part of the journey. Sales tax & registration varies for each state & much less in other places. FWIW, my Progressive renewal for my BMW R1150R is $131 USD yearly, full coverage.My 2 cents as a MC to go for if cost is any factor but you want a worthy road machine is a Suzuki Wee Strom 650 in the models prior to 2012. Since the new Wee came on there are plenty on the market and some great deals to be had. If you were a teacher in USA might be all you could afford.
There are lots of cheap places to fly in USA from the international hubs so best to think based on bike prices/locations,who's helping you buy ( I'd consider such) and takes little of your time to head west after purchase. Ride your plan but consider that much of the great riding is in the eastern mountains outside of the population centers.Obviously, fact remains that more bikes will found in population centers but not always. I live very rural & it makes sales much harder at times for me(from lots of experience doing so) as many will not travel for even a great price & machine, whereas I must usually travel as not much of interest in a very poor locale with almost nothing around but Harley machines & thats not my ride.
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