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Originally Posted by danketchpel View Post
"after engine number AC12596 03/12/2012 they should have rollers"
At this point the best I can do is buy a 2013 which is my plan. I'm hoping to put one of these fine bikes in my garage very shortly.
That info has been posted on a european forum by a guy that can safely be considered "well informed".

Keeping in mind that the models in the US are often times a bit later than their european counterparts plus the fact the Guzzi seems to sometimes mixes parts, your best bet is not asking current owners if their bikes have the feature you are after.
You are better off checking the engine number on the machine you want to purchase to prevent unwelcome surprises.

And now, go out and find "your" Stelvio, good luck

I just discovered that my Stelvio (and apparently all of them) has an adjustable gear lever. I'm extremely please by that, as a Beemer owner i'm used to pay for creature comforts like that, usually wads of cash towards TT. It's those little things that reinforce my decision for this bike almost every day.
Moto Guzzi Stelvio
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