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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
So, special of 51kms over today, was having a fantastic run up until it all went completely FUBAR

Organisation started me in 70th position today (no idea why), but it was fun as I started passing the first riders just a few kms into the special. Downside? On a tricky nav tulip at km47 I encounter the mother of all clusterfucks, about 20 riders circling round and round. Lost concentration, and 18 minutes to unfuck my navigation.

As a bonus, after getting back on track, another stray rider going the opposite way rams into me, I was riding on the right hand side of the trail.

Result 55th for the day, but very happy I didn't injure myself or the bike and really happy with my pace, which I figure would have placed me just outside the top 10 if I didn't get caught up amidst all the tourists.

Tomorrow we ride two specials, 50 something and 90 something kms, so hope to make up some time.
wHat a day ...
I guess they try to slow you down

GooD thing as you say you are in one piece, keep it safe and keep us updated
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