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Originally Posted by my3sons59 View Post

BTW, what has been your experience with the GS:
* How long have you owned it? I'm the original owner of my '07. It'll be 6 years June 1st

* Is it as reliable as you thought it would be? I hadn't heard much about them when I bought mine, good or bad. I was instantly addicted to the odd front suspension, even with its quirky torque steer boxer engine and shaft drive...makes it slow handling by sport bike standards, but the wide bars make it easy to muscle thru even the tight stuff anyway. Reliable? Nothing has ever broke, and it only uses oil when I ride at 90mph+ for days on end.

* What about cost of ownership? I've had all my services done at the dealership. I work long hours and when I'm off it's time to play. The service intervals have changed twice since I got mine. In '11(?) when they went to the "Camhead" they went to much longer intervals on valve adjustments, and the "Wethead" is longer still. For me, I'd rather pay $500 for the major (12,000 mile) service than spend a Saturday doing it.

* Does it require frequent trips to the dealer? Once a year, as I ride about 5500-6000 miles a year and the service interval is 6K. That's an oil change and valve adjustment @ 6k and change trans, FD, and engine oil and valve adjustment @12k. The new ones go 2-3 times as far between valve adjustments and fluid changes are simple DIY projects...if you're not too lazy like me

Any other info on the GS would be appreciated. To me, the GS/GSAs are enigmas. On the one hand, they've won every adventure bike award known to man and are consistently held up as the "gold standard". On the other hand, they're notorious for their FD failures along with other reliability issues. Those two "strikes" along with other serious concerns, like high cost of ownership, lack of dealer support in my area, etc., makes the BMW a strike-out and a no-go for me.
They are NOT a dirt bike(KTM not withstanding), but you said "dirt roads", and they do that well/Very well depending on tire selection. Are they "better" than an S10? They're a little different, and like I said, I love the dive-free front end. But any differences between the GS, Super Ten, Tiger Explorer, or Stelvio will be purely subjective. You just need to ride them and decide which will be best for your money. The riding position will be similar with all of them, and so is the weight.

BTW, you can rent a GS for a day in many places. After spending a day on one, riding to other dealerships for test rides, you should have a good idea what suits you best. Cost of routine maintenance is an insignificant part of ownership and boils down to maybe few dollars a month difference between any of these bikes. Purchase price would likely be the biggest difference. If bikes were actually an investment nobody would ever buy a Ural! The only dividends paid by motorcycles are enjoyment.
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