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1. Two of the top ten 450 riders in Seattle SX were from our area, Barcia and Nicoletti. Pretty cool.

2. When Erin Bates asked Barcia about growing up riding in upstate NY, Orange County isn't upstate, those yahoo's in Oneonta and points north are upstate, we're close enough for NYPD and FDNY to live and commute from.

3. If RV dnf's in Salt Lake and Milsapps/Dungey go 1/2 LasVegas will be apossible 3 way scrum separated by 2 points?

4. I like Erin Bates but she doesn't need to be like a hovering vulture like she was when Reed was walking away from the first turn melee. Give the guy a break what are you going to ask him, "what happened?" wtf does she think happened? They didn't show if she ever got him to the mic but when you saw Reed walking away you could see her running his way camera guy in tow.

5. Whatever happens Milsapps is a big winner this year and the big story form this year his reception at the outdoors races should be huge and deservedly so. He made reference earlier in the season when asked what has made the difference and he said he's finally healthy. Sad to think he's been riding hurt one way or another for years but it's fair to say he has, and he obviously belongs in any conversation about top 5 riders at this point in time. He is one of the elite and his results this year bear that out he can flat haul ass on a 450. Awesome season for Milsapps wherever he finishes.

6. Wouldn't Seattle be better if they mixed the dirt 50/50 with sand that track looked like outdoors. Whats the point? And who builds a stadium in Seattle without a roof?

7. Barcia's jersey was really cool I want one.
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