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Day 8

It's time to head back to Dallas. I look out the window, it's overcast but not raining. I go to Google Maps, it's 808 miles to my home. When I pull up the weather on my phone, their is a big blob of green, yellow and red that are in-between me and Dallas. I should have been on the road at dawn or before, but I don't. Note to self, in the future when I have long days, get started as early as possible. I end up leaving at 8:30 am local time.

I begin packing up. The kids are up and I get the goodbye hugs, then off I go. 808 miles, I've never ridden more than 700 miles in a day. Today I will ride in the rain for the first time for sure. A day of big firsts, let the adventure begin.

I get about 120 miles into my ride and the rain starts. I exit and find a place to put on my rain gear. First time for my rain gear. I ended up getting a 2 piece rain suit and I got a xxl size. Let's see how it works. Have a few issues but I get it on. It fits perfectly over my gear. So here I go.

The rain is not heavy and it's steady. This isn't too bad. The GSA is handling great. Abut 100 miles of this and it's starts to slacken up. I take off the top and leave the pants on. The ride is gong good, only 500 miles to go.

The sky looks dark ahead. Look at the radar and a line of heavy rain is ahead. I put the rain gear top back on. In Jackson, MS the rain is very heavy, the wind is really blowing. It's time to find a place to wait this out. I find a store, park underneath a cover for about 20 minutes.

The wind is subsiding, look at the radar again, looks like the storm in passing and it's clear behind it. Get back on the road, and about 50 miles later I see the sun, and a little later, not a cloud in the sky.

Next gas stop it's time to pull of the rain gear. When I'm gassing up, a guy pulls up next to me and says I passed you before. We get to talking and he's driving from Atlanta to the DFW area. He left 2 hours behind me and we are about 500 miles from Atlanta. He's a pilot going to a new job. Nice guy. Note: I meet the best people when I'm off the bike. I'm beginning to learn, it is the journey not the destination.

I'm heading west, the sun is getting in my eyes. I'm wearing a Shoei Neotech helmet. I already have the sun shade down so it's time to put on my sunglasses. Sun is very bright, but I've driven this road before.

I ride through north Louisianna. It's been a long day so far. 250 miles to go. Get to Shreveport. Do I stop or keep going? 170 miles to go. I keep going. 100 miles to go. I'm tired, it's dark. I can do it. I keep going. 30 miles to go. 20, 10, I'm home. It's 10 pm. 808 miles. 14 1/2 hours on the bike. I made it.
It's about the journey, not the destination.
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