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wear out and in need if repairs

Well I'm soon to be 60. and the bike 4 years old now and its clutch is worth out I it stiuck open and slipped then it fail to open and pulled the b ike ahead . Think some thing between the plates at times. Got the engine half out but the nuts oh the headers are stuck on real good and are now rounded off . Only two to go but they do not move. Going to use heat to see if that help. One has to wonder why this is happening now, just before summer. Seem its not easy changing the clutch and the engine has to be open up to do so, unlike my old 1980 hawk , So that could be a reason not to buy one. But if you like to do your own work even when new its the b ike for you. Starting with spokes when breaking in to the clutch later on you learn to love it and trush your own work.

N ot out riding this week or next month waiting for parts.
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