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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
Ok , sorry , I guess I started on the wrong person. The fools running at max pressure on the tires sidewall don't know what they're talking about. The bikes tire pressure is determined by weight. That's why you get separate pressures front and rear and with or without passenger. As far as the truck tires , did you ever wonder how 30 pounds of air holds up 4,000 pounds of truck? The weight is spread by the volume of the tire. No , your larger tires do not require more pressure.
Im fully aware a bigger tire does not require more pressure, I did not say that. Hows 30psi X 4 tires hold up a car..hell I figured it was magic or something. So you'd run P rated 3 plys the same as 6 ply LT cause Toyota said to. If not enlighten me here. 850 lbs of bike, 250 to 400 lbs of people and gear on a rear tire with a max load capacity of 805/50 psi. Show me a tire PSI to load curve to suggest safe PSI?
Metzeler ME 880 Tire Pressure?

I've been looking at the Metzeler tire site and noticed the page about tire pressures Note Recommended Tire Pressures

It looks like Metzeler is recommending higher air pressures than the motorcycle manufacturer may recommend. It looks like they're recommending air pressures of 38 - 40 psi for Solo and 40 - 42 psi for 2-up (Suzuki spec is 36psi for both Solo and 2-up). They're recommending 44 - 46 psi for rear tire for Solo and 46 - 48 psi for 2-up Light and 48 - 50 psi for 2-up Heavy (Suzuki spec 36 psi for Solo and 42 for 2-up).

Furthermore, for several tire sizes, including the 210/50R17, they recommend air pressure of 40 psi for Solo and 42 psi for 2-up.

Are you guys who are running Metzeler tires running them with the Metzeler recommended higher air pressures or the standard 36 / 42 ps
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