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Here's hoping that the wifi at this Super 8 motel holds up till I finish at least one new ride report.

Leaving Woodville, Texas......

I stopped to fill up the scooter for my ride east out of Woodville, Texas and thought I'd take a picture of the new scooter configuration. When I left Tucson, I had both the topcase and the Helix trunk full as well as the blue sea bag, which was strapped to the seat behind me. During my 10 days of down time in Giddings, I'd had my old tank bag from my Honda Shadow mailed out. I wanted to try to spread the stuff around since the topcase that use fairly regularly, was getting over stuffed.

Here's how things are loaded now.....

The "new to this trip" tank bag now holds my rain gear, a few maps and all those Clif Bars that I bought for the trip.

Another east Texas county courthouse, which I seem to have trouble passing without taking a picture.

Right across the street from the courthouse is the Powell Hotel. It seems like most of the towns in east Texas have changed very little from what they looked like 50 or 75 years ago. Maybe that's because they're too small to have a Walmart!

From Newton, I ride east on Hwy 190, towards the town of Jasper. A few miles further on, I cross the Sabine River and ride into Louisiana.

A turn north at DeRidder, Louisiana takes me to Leesville, a town that I'll bet a few readers will remember as the home of Ft. Polk. Just north of Leesville, I pick up Hwy 28 for the ride west to Ferriday, Louisiana.

Hwy 28 merges into Hwy 84 and I continue on for 26 miles to Ferriday. I think I mentioned before the three favorite sons of Ferriday, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley and the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart. They are the reason that I made Ferriday a stop on this trip.

I arrive in Ferriday around 5pm and figure I'd better look for a place to stay. At the main intersection in town, Highways 84 and 15, I turn right and ride out of town, no motels. I ride back to town and turn right again. This is the main street of town and only goes two blocks. No motels. Back to the main intersection and I turn right again. Half mile up the road, I see the Relax Inn. It looks like a place that's slowly sliding into oblivion. I decide to ride out of town on the road that I rode into town on....again no motels!

It looks like it's the Relax Inn or nothing, so I go back and get a room. It turns out to be a motel in the ever lengthening chain of curry motels. The sign out front said "free wifi". Yes, there was wifi......if you used it in the lobby, which had no A/C and felt like a sauna in the Louisiana humidity. In room 108, there was no wifi!

In the morning, when I turned the room key in I asked about a cafe. The guy at the window pointed to the convienence store across the street and mumbled in barely understandable english, "Good Coffee". Great, I think, I don't drink coffee. Instead I ride off in search of a cafe that doesn't serve cracklins or chitlins. What do I find.....nothing. Finally, I go back to the convienence store. There I ask a guy who's just getting out of a very big Ford F-150 where a guy might find a cafe. He says that there a little place just down the street but if I want some really good food, I need to head to a place called Nikki's, which is about 10 miles down the road in Vidalia. Since it's still dark out and I've got time to kill, it's off to Nikki's.

My Western Omelet is very good but I forgot to get a picture to post.

While I'd been driving around looking for a place to stay last night, I'd stumbled across the Delta Music Museum. It was located on the main street of Ferriday, in the old post office. It opens at 9am and I was way early so I took a picture of Main Street, Ferriday, Louisiana at 8am on a Tuesday morning.

The cars at the end of the street are actually on the other side of Hwy 84. There's not much traffic in downtown Ferriday.

Here is where you have to visualize a post office building that was probably built back in the 30's/40's. I walked across the street to take a picture but must not have pushed the button all the way in. Oops!

The Delta Music Museum is probably the only reason one needs to go to Ferriday, unless, of course, you have relatives there. Even then, I'd think twice about it. But, the real reason that I went to Ferriday was that I'd discovered, on the internet, that one of Jerry Lee Lewis's sisters ran a combination liquor store/Jerry Lee Lewis museum.

(Side note...a few years ago, I'd discovered that Waylon Jennings brother ran a combination liquor store/Waylon Jennings Museum in Littlefield, Texas, Waylon's hometown. Naturally, I had to go there.)

This is the Lewis house. I wasn't able to find out if this was the house that Jerry Lee actually grew up in or just a house that his sister owned.
There was a sign that said the museum was open from 1 to 6pm. I was there at 10am. The very nice lady at the Delta Music Museum told me that the Lewis house had rather odd hours and the price to get in varied from free to donations only to $10 a head, depending on the mood of Jerry Lee sister at the time you got there.

I was told that there are some priceless pieces of Jerry Lee memorabilia in the house but it just there in a rather haphazard fashion.

This sign kind of sums up the Lewis House......

A view of the drive-thru part of the museum.....

I walked around the house and got to walk into the drive thru and it's quite clear that it hasn't been open in a while.

This is a replica of Haney's Big House, a juke joint where Jerry Lee Lewis used to hang out as a kid. The original was open from 1940 through 1964.

On my way out of Ferriday, I passed this meat market and had to take a picture.

In case you can't read the sign in the window, here's a closer picture.....

The nice lady in the Delta Music Museum told me that fresh raccoon is quite the delicasy(sic).

Here's another picture that I just couldn't resist taking. Now,I've traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, lived all over the country but I've never seen a gas station like this one. Here, you pull right up to the front of the store to fill up.

A few miles up the road, I cross the Mississippi River into the state of Mississippi.

Tomorrow, more on my trip around Helix!
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