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Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post
It's only been 2 years, 5 months and 3 days since the first announcement. Still, a good question though.

Here's another: Are the IICE Air, IICE Cool and IICE Smooth running on any bike anywhere?

Ever since post #146 I've wondered how they might all work together in the real world.
Look, I love the IICE Air on my '07 riding is 100% off road and this device makes my riding so much more controlled. Fewer drops and less drama; just better throttle control where I need it, at slow speeds in the loose and rolling has made my riding more fun and safer; a bonus is that I can dial in richer mixtures and protect my motor in high heat/lugging stretches ...this leads me to "now".

I believe a lot of us take PS's and JJ's accomplishments for granted.

They have created something that neither BMW or any other person engineered and offered for our bikes. I had a Booster Plug; a good device, but the IICE Air is superior at many levels. Others may copy the IICE Air or try to voodoo together a "Mojo Device" that tries to emulate the IICE Air but they have fallen far short despite their grandiose claims and proclamations. PS nailed it from theory to application.

The Smooth and Cool conceptually, and I do not doubt in fact, would add to the performance and capability of our BMWs...I am all for that. My repeated prodding for production of these two devices is not done to demean or lessen what PS and JJ have delivered to us thus far: The IICE Air.

I can wait for the Smooth and Cool until hell freezes over if need be and still have a big shit eatin' grin riding my GSA with the IICE Air.

In short all of us on ADVrider who want the Smooth and Cool to become a reality need to support PS and JJ in their development and production of them.

I am happy as a clam at high tide with their existing product and can't wait, well actually I can, for what is coming next!

Let them know that you also support them.

I will order up two Smooths and two Cools when they become available, just like I did the IICE Air. Life is way too short to not go first class!

HW...forgot to clearly state that none of my comments were directed at you or generated from your just got me thinking in the context of the bigger picture and I wanted to put a voice to what was rattling around in my head.
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