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This was a great first trip on my GSA I road 3,587 miles in 8 days. I experienced riding at night, in the rain and off road for the first times. I had my longest riding day to day, met a great ADV rider in Andy and learned a lot about myself.

I took this trip when the south was hit a big cold front. For the first 4 days I was riding in 25+ mph winds and temps in the 40-60 degree range.

My gear did great. I wore a smart wool base layer, when it was really chilly, a patagonia down vest and my Rallye3 jacket. Never got gold. For the pants, smart wool base year and Triumph pants. I did have to get some suspenders from home depot to hold them up. For boots I wore Sidi Adventure Gortex. Feet never got wet and they comfortable.

I ended up pulling out the inexpensive ear speakers from my helmet and just used some head phones I bought at Walmart. They worked ok, but I'm working on a solution for this.

This was my first trip on a Corbin seat I picked up from an inmate here. It was Ok, but it's not the solution for me. I've since picked up a used Bill Mayer seat, I'll let you know how that worked out.

As mentioned earlier, my back gave me issues. Ever since the first day of riding my upper back has been hurting me, it feels like a constant charlie horse in the middle of my right shoulder blade. I've purchased Roxx risers and going to try them to see if they take care of the back.

And most important. Need to never forget my camera again.
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