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The inspection at the gate was very cursory. I could have smuggled in a ten pound ham, rather than the two bottles of water and several Atkins bars that I had in my camera bag.

There was no inspection of my person or jacket, so anything in a pocket went through unchallenged.

The one thing that COTA really needs to reconsider is adequate public water fountains. There are water fountains in the Main Grandstand, but those were the only ones I found.

If they have an event in the summer people are going die from overheating dehydration. I don't mind the high prices for most things, but in Texas summers people need to be able access water easily, and not have to stand in line for a $4 or $7 bottle of water if they are about to pass out.

I'm a right wing wacko and hate much of the government, but in this case the city of Austin really needs to step in here and impose some sanity on COTA before people start dying this summer.
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