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Originally Posted by fredgilb View Post
As far the rally is concerned, in France there is there is a culture of letting people take responsibility for their own risks (thou that seems to slowly be changing, 100hp max ?).
The "100hp" law prevents you from getting a french licence plate, not from driving a 200hp us-registered Paningale

It was passed in 1984 because politicians thought "power kills". Yet no other country did this, nor this had any effect apart from preventing people from restoring the original state of their motorcycle.

(Think of a 50% HP 1700 V-Max .... still you don't pay 50% or the price nor it does sip 50% of the gas )

This law will completely disappear in 2016.

Getting back to the subject, once you have landed your containers in france (good options are Barcelona, Marseille, Le Havre, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, if using a boat) Getting food & roof might be more expensive than you think.

For the credit-card problem that fredglib encountered, solutions are at your disposal. First, a fresh cash reserve. In france, you usually don't pay using a credit card for less than 20 usd / 15 euros. Cash is widely accepted up to 100 Euros. Think wise, take 50 and 20 euros notes as people won't always have change for a 200 euros bill.

Most gas stations in France will have a 24/7 option using a credit card. usually Visa, Mastercard and Carte Bleue will be accepted. Amex will seldom be accepted. Only chip+code card will work, your magstripe will be as useful as [ insert gross joke here ]

To prevent change fees issues, you can get a prepaid visa card (in euros) in Euro-walmarts. Auchan, Carrefour, and the like. Maybe in airports also. While you are there, you might want to get a prepaid cellphone also. Europe is GSM-only.

I do not know about cargo-ing a bike to europe using plane, apart than maybe calling Cargolux can get you some good information. It is a major cargo company here in europe, based in Luxembourg (30kms from France)

If you want informations on how to purchase and register a bike in france, I can explain you how to do so,

G'nite (or day)

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