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Help! Stuck in Ft Collins 2 Hours from Home

The front end on my 1000 mile old F800 just developed a shimmy in the front end. I noticed a slight intermittent vibration in the front today, but I chalked it up to uneven pavement. 60 or so miles later I took both hands off the bars at about 40 mph and the bar started oscillating like crazy. Hands on bars it seems fine with only that slight vibration. I'm not experienced enough to know if I should venture home or what I should do. Off the ground, the wheel spins fine, no excessive mud, can't see where the tread is separated or bad anywhere, bead looks fine. I took a couple pictures of both sides of the hub. Am I missing a bolt? What can I check, or what can I do? I have to work in the AM, and I don't really want to overnight here. Waiting patiently in a parking lot.

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Untitled by KSUperDuty, on Flickr
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