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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
My brother recently bought a house, and finally went all through the basement/garage, and discovers a gun in a box.

He's not into them, and wants it out of the house. Comes over yesterday, and says it's in the trunk. Open the trunk and there's a Benelli box, I'm psyched! Open the box to discover a Crossman 760 rifle.

Don't know the year, but it has a green plastic light gathering front sight. Seems fairly straight forward in operation, but it's obviously a low end airgun.

Any comments or experience with this rifle?
It has been around for YEARS like others say. And for what it is not a bad little air rifle. Also sold under Remington airmaster 77.

I own two of them....on a good day around 700fps if the sun spots all align just right. Fun to shoot as it will do BB's and .177 pellets as will shoot just pop can accurate out to about 25-30 yards...gets iffy after that.

Not a cheap toy, a pretty good multi pump air rifle at its price point....I would say it is the best in its class.
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