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Originally Posted by roadstar View Post
Your right I was totally wrong , must be too much Judge Judy.
Buyer beware

(Must be the chemo i'm on)
Sorry to hear about the chemo, Roadstar. That's a nasty battle, and good luck.

I'll kiss and make up too. Perhaps I was a little sharp.

(backstory starts....) long ago I once sold a toyota celica gt. It was ten years old, 100,000 miles....and it decent shape, for what it was. Five speed manual. Looked cool.

A month after I sold it the kid who bought it came to my apartment and told me the clutch went bad. He wanted me to pay for the repair. Even better was when I asked him if he even knew how to drive a clutch before he bought the thing. Nope, he said, but he still wanted money.

I told him to take a hike.

Kinda soured me on the idea of people coming back after a sale.

So, heal up. Get well...and good riding.

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