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Any F800gs owners?

Hey everyone,
I am in the market for a new bike to replace my aging but faithful 885i tiger. I have test ridden some f800s locally and had the chance to take one through the outback so I am familiar with the bike and I thought it would be the bike for me. Now I am trying to decide if I should buy the 1200 or the 800. I love the size, height, and weight of the 800 but I was disappointed with some aspects of the bike after spending a lot of time on the road and offroad. Some of the things I think can be fixed but wanted to get some of your guys opinions.

1. The thing that bothered me most is the light feeling front end in high speeds on the road. Speeds above 80mph felt scary! The bike I rode had a stock screen and a Heidenau front tire. I would run knobbies most of the time but I was wondering if a taller screen, steering damper, or something would help with the front end. Two other guys with me that were on f800s had the same complaints and were riding on different tires.

2. The power of the bike is great offroad and I like the gearing but the bike feels very strung out on the highway and was wondering if any of you guys have changed the sprockets without loosing too much grunt offroad?

Other than these two areas the I love the bike and it can really take a beating. The bike I had I could not turn the abs and traction control off at the same time and even after scanning and resetting the bike something was wrong with the controller so I just disconnected the front abs sensor.

I have been looking at the tiger 800xc also but I like the front forks and the settings on the Bmw better. So I am torn between an 800 and a 1200 and if i could customize the 800 a little in these areas the 800 would be my preference. Thanks guys......
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