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Hello everyone. Sorry I've been away for a while. I'm back more or less now.

First. Thank you to everyone for helping so far!

Second. Bike. I just got a 1997 DR350SE that will hopefully be sufficient for the trip after various modifications. Also I need to learn how to do a bunch of maintenance and repairs in case I'm stuck in the boonies and need to fix the bike. Not to mention learning how to ride! Just got my permit a week ago!

Third. Route Research. I've done more research and am cutting Africa out of the trip. I think the board is correct in saying I plan on doing all of that too quickly. I'm hoping to do Melbourne to Madrid, ~43,400 kms, in about 5 months which works out to ~290 kms/day. That's probably fast for Bali to Turkey, but I think Turkey to Madrid, as well as Australia will be significantly faster thus averaging out.

Forth. Budgeting. I think $40/day is adequate for daily travel expenses. That works out to U$6,000 for 150 days. I plan on camping a lot and being frugal. Also there are five planned plane/boat rides (in yellow on the map) plus shipping the bike (~U$9,000), a carnet (~U$400?), border fees ($U1,000?), repairs/parts ($1000?), etc. for a grand total of $17,400. Does that sound appropriate?

Fifth. Departure date. I think I should leave from Melbourne in early February (of 2015 in case you were wondering). The wether there should be in the 50F - 75F range and that should theoretically put me in Scandinavia in May/June where the weather should be in the 40F - 70F range. The places in between should be shifting seasons into nicer temperatures as I go through them. Does that sound ok? Did I miss something on this part?

Feel free to add any suggestions you have. I'm all ears!
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