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Originally Posted by Bshelton View Post
Hes a hot head. Nothing compared to JT though. Cheats on his wife with one of his teammates ex, makes fun of Americans after 9/11, "racially abuses" Anton Ferdinand. The thing about racially abusing someone in England is it is WAY overblown. If you would say what either of them said in America, I doubt anyone would care. Im not a racist btw, but you can see how saying a few words over there wreaks havoc. The worst tempered player in the league is Rooney IMO. That dude kicks, stamps, dives, everything. Plus he cheated on his wife with some grandma prostitute! Nonetheless he is a role model in England because hes English and plays for United.
All sorts of wrong, I'm afraid. You'll find that Rooney's no hero in England. In fact, the papers are very harsh on him this season.

Suarez is by far the dirtiest bastard in English football. By far. Nobody disagrees. He's the top scorer in the Prem and yet when he made the shortlist for the Player of the Year this week, there was controversy.

And that was before he bit a player for the second time.

Liverpool fans like to go on and on about their club's pride and history. Typically, tonight they still refuse to condemn Suarez and don't want him sold.

  • When he deliberately breaks someone's ankle or rapes a beauty queen, then maybe I'll not support him.
  • Was a mad moment, but f**k me if our fans can't stick with him who will? Fair enough if it was some bench warmer who we wanted out, but this is our top scorer, best player and one of our only world class players. Stick with him and rid out another bump on the Suarez rollercoaster.
  • Selling Suarez is f**king stupid we are in 7th place and he's are only truly world class player left if we sell him we are f**ked!
  • I don't really care. The idea we should sell him is reactionary sh*te. He's the best player at the club.

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