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Originally Posted by NextAdventre View Post
I think you need to look a little closer t the specs. The Terra and Strada are mechanically identical--so if Terra lives on so will the Strada. Tires, rims, plastics, and the fender are the only differences. There will be parts--And I don't think it's going to be an issue between dealers and the web. I suspect they will sell more TR650s thn all other Huskys combined this year. Pierer would be pretty crazy to kill it-- but he owns the bike and the means of production-- so it's his choice. I was worried about the parts issue at one time too, then I did some research, looked at the legalities, and decided I was worried about nothing.

Maybe you're right, and all us early adopters will be scrounging for parts in a year or two, but we will be having a heck of a time riding these bikes in the meantime
I don't know. Pierer seems like a wiry rooster ego type to conspicuously not mention Strada and Terra. He probably does not know what to do to keep consumers buying them and at what point to say, "its too BMW'ish for me and even the great BMW makes mistakes." The testers for the 900 were just an excuse from what I read, and the 900 would compete fiercely with KTM's.

Even his top gun from Husky said his livelihood was threatened initially. So I would not trust a high maintenance motorcycle from this man. I like the Husky's bike the best, but they do what KTM wants and they do it right now! lol

I hope you are right. I think I have about 6 local dealers and Husky NA 30 miles away from me. I'll keep this saved link for sure, but it may take BMW's once a century Rotax bike (non-Chinese) introduction to pull me away from my 1997 F650 ST (est. around 2067 according to the 70 year financial market greed-fear cycle).
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