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I just finished assembling my bike yesterday and took a short test ride of 50kms, didn't have too much time. To be honest I was surprised it fired up immediately and worked so well with so many mods. I was expecting a lot of hassling with jetting etc. But it was running strong throughout the revs. With new cam and fresh piston I did not push it to the limits yet. I will do some jetting and mileage tests in next few days as soon as time permits.

Mods done:
new piston 106mm,
redesigned air intake (cut the intake opening of stock filter larger just like Rob and Ray experimented).
SR43A camshaft
Lars' oversize header
GSXR muffler
130 main jets
45 pilot jets
taillight, indicators, handguards
Ooh, nice one mait. Hope she runs well. If I get no more silly delays (like a broken bolt and a piece of drill in my eye) I hope to finish working on my Big this week too...
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