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Originally Posted by I.Will.Ride.On.Mars View Post
Second. Bike. I just got a 1997 DR350SE that will hopefully be sufficient for the trip after various modifications. Also I need to learn how to do a bunch of maintenance and repairs in case I'm stuck in the boonies and need to fix the bike. Not to mention learning how to ride! Just got my permit a week ago!

Third. Route Research. I've done more research and am cutting Africa out of the trip. I think the board is correct in saying I plan on doing all of that too quickly. I'm hoping to do Melbourne to Madrid, ~43,400 kms, in about 5 months which works out to ~290 kms/day. That's probably fast for Bali to Turkey, but I think Turkey to Madrid, as well as Australia will be significantly faster thus averaging out.

The DR650 is a proven overlander.

Your route looks mostly do-able... though I´ve never heard anybody shipping vehicles out of Vietnam (except those who have worked there maybe). And shipping to somewhere in Central Asia from North India, that could be a tall order. Probably will be less headache, and in the end cheaper, too, to ride to Pakistan, head north, and arrange the guide to get into China, and then cross to Kyrgyzstan overland.

The other option to go overland between India and Europe is to head west across Pakistan, and cross into Iran. That one does not necessitate you to get your vehicle into China, but visa issues, and security situation in western Pakistan could be the stumbling blocks (at least right now, but if you set off in -15, then it could be very different).

290 kms ON AVERAGE is tough in my view. Especially in Asia. And shippings, bordercrossings, applying for visas etc., tend to take some time no matter how smoothly everything goes. It may be do-able in Oz or Europe, but will be pushing it in most parts of Asia. Besides, there´s a million things to see & do along the way, not a good idea to be in a hurry (and to do 290/day every day start to finish, you WILL be in a hurry).
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