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Forth. Budgeting. I think $40/day is adequate for daily travel expenses. That works out to U$6,000 for 150 days. I plan on camping a lot and being frugal. Also there are five planned plane/boat rides (in yellow on the map) plus shipping the bike (~U$9,000), a carnet (~U$400?), border fees ($U1,000?), repairs/parts ($1000?), etc. for a grand total of $17,400. Does that sound

Feel free to add any suggestions you have. I'm all ears!

You are smoking some good stuff if you think 17400 is going to cover. Fuel alone is going to cost you $8+ gallon and a friend past just short of $20/gal in several places in remote can only haul so much fuel and you have to pay whatever they want to charge you. Add in payments (extortion) to border agents, local police, flying in needed repairs, dont see anything listed for your airfare, etc, etc. Realist budget without doing all the math $40000-50000.
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