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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
something I just thought of, sorry I didn't sooner.....

Taking car & bike parts across the border could cause problems. Motor parts especially. Look up how to avoid the problem. Hopefully you know about this already and have taken precausions to setup a "proper import." Regardless of ownership, and regardless of intended use, if you don't "properly import" the parts, they will try to collect a "tax" on it at the border and you will be delayed and will have to pull enough cash to pay the "tax" that they levy.

I hope you've thought of this prior and I am not even kidding about the trouble this can cause you. I think you know that I lived in TJ for years and I drove across the border every day. Sometimes with tires, engine parts, engines, wheels etc.... nearly every time I was stopped I was sent to secondary for the "tax" collection.
I know venders that have had issues with "import" duties in the past and some even stopped selling race related products at SCORE contingency due to taxes. But the key here is that they were going to Baja to sell products.

I've been on some of the largest Trophy Truck teams to race in Baja, many of who support their race efforts with Semi-trucks full of spare parts and equipment. When crossing the semi's will have an inventory to make inspection faster, but no tax is paid.

When chasing, I'm in a 3/4 ton long bed truck with a utility bed that is full of spare parts and fluids. In the bed of the truck there usually 4 spare tires, a spare transmission, radiator, drive shaft, rear end, along with several alternators, brake calipers, etc., etc. all of which are typically brand new. On the rare occasion we get pulled into secondary, you simply tell them you are mechanics for the Baja Mil and they look for drums of fuel before letting you go. I have not missed a single Baja 1000 since 1993 and I have NEVER been asked to pay duty on spare race parts.
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