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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
It sounds like you do what I do. I travel and ride as much dirt and gravel as possible, and I do a lot of that loaded.

You can still use a YZ fork and any good suspension shop will be able to order custom fork springs. They aren't that much more than the fork springs you'll need to order from Racetech and are, I was told, made by the same supplier.

I have an Ohlins in the rear and there is no way I would have been able to do what I did these last 10 days without a better shock. I rode dirt in and around Monument Valley and Death Valley, all loaded. The shock transformed the bike in the dirt and made it track like it was on rails on road.

Yeah, i like to get offroad whenever I can but its kind of more a means to an end. If Ive got somewhere with a cool view/historic site/just plain neat shit to see, I dont care whether its paved or dirt. Never really did go offroad just for the sake of going offroad. Went on a ride with a frew friends once who were like that. They were out simply to dirt ride, passing all kinds of neat views. Fun day but not really my cup of tea.
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