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Originally Posted by BryanCO View Post
And I certainly would make the drive.

I read through the entire thread - entertaining -- and shocking. I cannot believe that people have purchased bikes without riding them. Just wow. The last two bikes I purchased were way down on my shopping list. Rode them kind of on a whim and stopped shopping after the ride.

I think it's great that owners are passionate about their bikes but keep that filter in place. For example, one of the S10 owners who speaks very highly of the S10 has owned a bunch of bikes which don't happen to appeal to me -- chances are he is looking for something different in a bike than I am...

Like others have side, ride them and find which one speaks to you.

Yamaha had the pre order on FJRs. You couldn't even see one. I bought strickly on the reports
of others who had tried it. Ended up with a first genereration and 2nd generation.

I did not pre order a Tenere because after 8 years of a V Strom I thought I was done with large
dual sports. Then the reports start coming in about how much the owners enjoyed the bike.

I called the dealer and asked him to let me know if one was ever on floor to see before the
pre order buyer picked it up. He had a buyer back out and I bought it on the spot. I did get to
sit on it. Now one of my all time favorite bikes.

The OP said he had to drive 6 hours to test some of the bikes. Twelve hour round trip.
So throw a hotel room in, food, gas, time and the amount of bikes suggested for him to
try and it gets a little silly.

I agree in a perfect world it would be nice if we all could have a day to test ride bikes of
interest. When it just not practical listen close to what the owners have to say.
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