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Short answer: no.

Best answer: yes, in moderation.

1) for comfort
2) for reliability
3) functionality

Find what seat works for you. She doesn't mind her seat. After 2 hours I want to ride off a cliff to end my suffering. My inner thighs were bleeding after 4 10 hr days. The Airhawk solved my problem butt is not practical on a RTW trip cause it may fail. I just bought a OEM comfort seat cheap so I'll see what happens. After her accident, her rebuilt wrist hurts after a few hours so I'm looking at grip puppies and risers. Spend the money on comfort whether the bike or gear. You will need the endurance.

Learn the faults of the bike so the Devil you know. Suitable long wearing tires, good quality chain/sprockets, replace all wheel bearings and lube well. Stator issues, fuel pump controller etc. Be prepared and carry likely spares or plan ahead for maintenance along the way.

When that's all done and there's money left, go for the farkles. Engine/rad protection is a given. Bash plate too. Shouldn't be riding at night so maybe the aux lights aren't feasible for that one time they'd help. RR protection? Why, please tell me! I hear suspension is a must but I haven't rode an F8 with better so I don't know better. I like it that way. I just accidentally bought an Akropovic real cheap to save weight. Not necessary but at that price, impulse took over. Scour the ads to find cheap used parts. Many posers farkle all to hell then trade it in where the Dealer won't pay for accessories. Then you find a guy with tons of parts that won't fit the new bike. Sic'm!

I could be talking about ANY bike here, right? Nothing is perfect.

The more offroad and remote you go, the more prepared you should be. With that though, how many "minimalist's" make it just fine? Are you mechanically minded and resourceful? Pack accordingly.

Finally, like BcDano and Radioman that are doing it right now, read their RR's and the others and heed their advice. I ride with my GF who won't go offroad loaded up with a newer bike so my miles are 95% pavement.

Life is a Rollercoaster and I'm not strapped in!

Leaving it all behind 2014
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