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The Roxy Report

Here are a list of shortcuts to each of my short ride reports in this thread.

Bridges and Okmulgee State Park - posted 4/22/13
Natural Falls Ride - posted 4/28/13
Frog Rock Ride - posted 5/5/13
Out and About - posted 5/20/13
Westward Bound - posted 6/6/13
New Mexico - June 2013 - posted 7/17/13
A Three County Kind of Day - posted 7/22/13
Thanksgiving Ride - posted 12/03/13
Osage County Dual Sport Ride - posted 3/31/14
Clayton Lake, K-Trail and More - posted 5/12/14
Roxy goes to Utah

* * * * *

With a few exceptions, I’ve been mostly lurking here for a while now, enjoying the ride reports of many a rider as well as gleaning a lot of technical expertise from others. What a great site this is! I must admit though, that the reports of the TAT have captured my interest the most, and even more so when someone is riding a WRR/X. A buddy (okraider81) and I have agreed that we want to do part of the TAT in the future, but first things first - transitioning from primarily single track on dirt bikes to dual sport bikes, and everything that goes along with adventure riding. We understand that the TAT is not to be underestimated, so there’s a lot of planning and preparation that is required before setting out on trips like that.

It’s been a fairly short transition from dirt only to dual sport riding. Both of us have owned street bikes in the past, so that aspect of it wasn’t an issue. Okraider81 decided he wanted to keep his capable DRZ400 (aka QEII) and just try to make it street legal. He succeeded with that relatively painlessly. I sold my KX250F and replaced it with Roxy, my 2008 Yamaha WR250X, that came shod with R wheels with knobbies, but also included the original X wheels. The X wheels (now) have 80/20 tires on them, as most of the riding in this area doesn’t require much more than that. My R wheels have a fairly new set of 606s on them, but I save those for when I know we’ll be riding more aggressively or the terrain just demands more. We still love the dirt, so we still occasionally trailer the bikes somewhere to ride.

Here’s Roxy in both flavors:

Roxy came with most of the typical mods for the WRR/X; AIS removed, EXUP removed, opened airbox, FI programmer, skid plate, rear rack, etc. I have, however, had quite a lot of fun doing additional things though, such as adding a 12V and USB outlets up front for my GPS and iPhone, adding a set of Hotgrips (that I found in the Flea market here on Advrider), Flatland radiator guard, Scotts Stabilizer, tool/fuel tube, and several other odds & ends.

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