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So, Iíve been really wanting to go on some dual sport rides this spring. Long stints of slab on Roxy just arenít terribly appealing to me, so Iíve been looking for just about anything around this area with some dirt roads and varied terrain. Okraider81 and I were planning another ride this past weekend, but that was postponed, so I decided Iíd find somewhere else I could ride instead. In the approximately 7 months Iíve owned Roxy, other than some local commuting, Iíve only had the opportunity so far to go on a couple of nice day trips (one can be found here) and several shorter rides (30-50 miles) around the Tulsa area, so Iíve been itching to get in another decent dual sport ride.

I started with Google maps and began mapping a route that looked somewhat interesting. My initial goal was to find as many dirt roads as I could, and then see if there was anything noteworthy to see along the way. I sure wish Google Maps had a feature to show unpaved roads! Anyway, I found a few bridges in the general area I was looking at that might be worth checking out, and also thought a loop around Okmulgee Lake would be nice and give me a halfway point to grab a snack and relax a few minutes. My route back would be more of the same, as long as I didnít follow the same route I just rode.

After I had the route drawn in Google Maps, I imported it into Basecamp to do the final tweaks (and create the file for my Garmin). The last step in my process is exporting it into Google Earth to basically ďflyĒ the route, looking for gates or other things that I may need to change. One thing I have discovered is that ďroadsĒ that are depicted (and even labeled) in Google Maps/Earth, are not necessarily even roads at all. They may have been at some time, but often are nothing but worn down paths, usually inside fences or private property. Many of these roads in Oklahoma lead to oil & gas wells as well, and usually are gated.

Anyway, I started this thread as a ride report, so letís get on with my ride!
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